October 23, 2020

Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers in India Reviews

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In this article, we will review the top 5 best pressure cookers you can find in India, as well as a shopping guide to help you make the right choice when buying a pressure cooker.

1. Prestige Popular Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Design of Aluminum Pressure Cooker Popular. The pressure generator is made of high-quality aluminum and is available in different sizes to choose from, depending on your needs. Sizes range from 2 liters to 20 liters. It comes with a very good grip due to the good shape of its handles. This pressure cooker also provides high safety due to the presence of a metal plug and a gasket discharge system. It is one of the best top 5 best pressure cookers.


Made of high-quality high-quality aluminum

It has a metal safety plug and a peace gasket release system

It is compatible with a gas stove

It has good handles for easy grip


  • Available in a variety of sizes to choose from.
  • It is economical because it is made of aluminum.
  • Its aluminum body makes it easy to handle.


  • Aluminum pressure cookers are less durable compared to other types.
  • Aluminum tends to react with food acids; therefore it is not so healthy.

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2.Contura Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Hawkins has been a leading brand in the pressure cooking industry. Their pressure cookers are made after extensive research and development, without compromising on quality, performance, and safety. This type of cooker is one of the top 5 best pressure cookers. This best-selling Indian cooker is available in 7 sizes so you can choose according to your needs. The unique curved body shape and rounded sides help to cook food that requires a lot of movement. Cleanliness and durability are maintained by heavy cooking inside and out and a stainless steel cover.


●   The darker finish allows the pressure cooker to absorb heat faster, saving energy. The safety door will not open unless the pressure inside falls to a safe level.

●  It also has an automatic safety valve that ensures that smoke and food are reduced.

●Other features are high-pressure regulation, a strong pivot, and strong handles that stay cool.


●This flexible pressure cooker does not work in import cooktops.

3.Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Fame has been the same as Indian chefs since its inception in 1955 and there is no looking back since then. Available in 5.5 liters and 3-liter variants, the chef’s body is made of premium quality stainless steel. Fame deluxe has a 3-level security system containing

Valve: – Not extinguished due to the low pressure of the cook), Controlled Gasket release: – To be slightly loosened so that the cook does not explode open. You can see it is one of the top 5 best pressure cookers.

Metallic Safety Plug: – This ensures that the pressure of the smoke coming from inside the cook stays in the cook and does not come out of it.

Since the alpha base is made of aluminum, it increases heat conduction and is better than stainless steel with little heat transfer material. Cold handles on the sides make it easy to hold. It is also provided with an easy way to lock the door easily. With a capacity of 5.5 liters, you can easily cook and serve food for 5-8 people. The low 3-liter version is suitable for families with 3-4 sizes.

Cleaning it is as easy as washing dishes is safe and free of stains. So you don’t need to put in any extra effort to keep it.

The amazing part is not only doing this chef have good performance but it gives you a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty.


●       High durability and durability

●       3 Security plan

●       Pure stainless steel with aluminum foil

●       Simple Lock Method

●       Suitable for Induction and LPG Gas Stove

●       Rust resistance

●       ISI mark for quality and safety

●       10-year warranty


●       It’s a little hard to catch

4. Elgi Ultra Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Elgi Ultra cooker stainless steel may look like any other regular chef but stands out from the rest with its import base.

This base helps to heat the cook faster by absorbing more heat from the stove and helps to reduce fuel consumption. This pressure cooker falls under the category of top 5 best pressure cookers.

Also, a chef’s foundation, as it is said to be made in nature and is made with a strong and binding base. This ensures that the cook is not hot/hot and does not attach the food to the bottom and also makes your cleaning job easier.

Starch stainer comes with cooking utensils to remove starch from rice, quinoa, or sorghum, or whatever you cook by boiling. Removing starch from your rice can help reduce 30 calories regularly in your diet.

Satin eliminates everything, this non-stick cook with high performance comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for any product defects during the warranty period. Note that this warranty does not cover starch.

Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers Reviews


●       It comes in 5.5 and 3-liter variations

●       Made with high-quality AISI 304 Stainless Steel

●       Heat-resistant bakelite handles with twin screws with long life

●       The binding foundation of Anti

●       It keeps food warm for more than two hours

●       Starch strainer to filter starch

●       10-year manufacturer’s warranty


●       Cautionary measures should be taken during cleaning as they may lead to scratches.

5. Hawkins Futura Hard Anodised Pressure Cooker

Hawkins is an Indian Company, based in Mumbai and produces pressure for cooking and cooking. They sell their products under the brand names Hawkins, Futura, Contura, Hevibase, Big Boy, and Ventura. This type of pressure cooker falls under the category of top 5 best pressure cookers.

If you are looking for a pressure cooker who uses a little water to prepare your food, keeping a healthy diet Hawkins Contura hard-cooked aluminum pressure cooker is the best option.

This cooker is designed for wide openings and is built with a curved body that makes it easy to move, comes with heavy black aluminum, and contains stainless steel for stainless steel

The durable black finish provided by 60 microns makes the forcing cooker absorb heat faster by making it energy efficient.

Warranty: This cook comes with a five-year warranty

Top 5 Best Pressure Cookers Reviews


  • It can easily serve 3 to 4 people as it has a capacity of 3 liters
  • It uses less water to prepare food by storing nutritious food
  • Compliant for use on gas stoves


  • Not compatible with import recipes