4 Best Power Bank Under 1000
February 17, 2021

4 Best Power Bank Under 1000

By admin

In today’s fast life everyone uses electronic devices for their own requirements. Very people want to own device which is available with full battery is little bit difficult task. So, to keep our electronic devices always charged, there is a need for another device which is called a Power bank. In today’s life, everyone is busy n couldn’t get enough time to stay at one place and charge their own device with that traditional method e.g., Socket, so with developing technologies power Bank come into existence.

Top 4 Best power banks under 1000

Power Banks are portable and easy to carry anywhere at anyplace and you can easily charge your phone anytime by using a power bank. The main feature of power banks is they can charge more than one device at the same time. If you are looking for an affordable power bank for your smartphone then you are in right place.

Features of power bank that you must have:

Two Loading Ports:

If you want a flexible power bank you must go for the power bank which has two loading ports. So, you can charge more than one device at a time. It will help you to charge your smartphone as well as another tablet etc. If you or going on a trip with your friend and your friend and your friend’s mobile phone’s battery get down, then if you are having a power bank with two loading ports. It will help both of you to charge your mobile phones at the same time.

Fast charging:

You can choose a power bank that must have the feature of fast charging. While selecting a power bank must go for the power bank which charges your devices fast and in less time. It will save your time too.

Capacity must be double than your own mobile phone’s battery:

The power bank which you want to purchase must have the feature of the double capacity of your own tablet or smartphones. As sometimes you charge your phone more than one time with your bank so if the power bank’s capacity is double then you can use your phone to charge many times.

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So here, I will suggest to you some affordable power banks under 1000:

1. AMBRANE P11 Lithium Polymer 10000mAh

This is the first in the list of the top 4 power banks. If you are searching for a good power bank with a limited budget so you can go with this. This power bank is especially recommended because of its two ports. It has a micro-USB port with 2.1A and a USB port of 5V. It can charge the phone or another device with a capacity of 6500mAh.This power bank is highly durable and its battery is compact-sized lithium polymer. Another feature you can see in this device is its LED indicator. So, this is an affordable product with great features.

2. Veger W1049 LCD Display 10000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank (Black)

As this power bank is having more capacity e.g.,10000mAh so this can be a good option for you. This power bank has a micro-USB port and allows you to quickly charge your devices anytime. It has four-level protection to ensure safe charging. It is designed compactly so you can carry it wherever you want.

3. Mi 10000mAh Li-polymer

It comes with a capacity of 10000mAh, allow you to charge your smartphones. It is designed in a compact with a textured sandstone finish, it supports two way18-W fast charging. As it is a two-port device, it ensures you to charge two devices at the same time. It has also the feature of low power charging mode that allows you to charge low power devices such as fitness bands.

4. INTEX IT-PB12.5K 12500mAh

If you are not satisfied with two USB ports then You can go with this device as this provides three ports One is 1A and another two are 2.1for fast charging. It can charge a smartphone with having 3000mAh battery for only 1 hour and 30minutes. You can charge two devices having 8000-9000mAh battery.

Above are the suggested power banks you can go with as these are affordable as well as having quite good features. Thank You.

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